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Bayesian_filter::Simple_linrz_predict_model Class Reference

#include <models.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Bayesian_filter::Simple_linrz_predict_model:
Bayesian_filter::Linrz_predict_model Bayesian_filter::Additive_predict_model Bayesian_filter::Predict_model_base Bayesian_filter::Bayes_base

Public Member Functions

 Simple_linrz_predict_model (State_function f_init, const FM::Matrix &Fx_init, const FM::Matrix &G_init, const FM::Vec &q_init)
virtual const FM::Vecf (const FM::Vec &x) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Bayesian_filter::Linrz_predict_model
 Linrz_predict_model (std::size_t x_size, std::size_t q_size)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Bayesian_filter::Additive_predict_model
 Additive_predict_model (std::size_t x_size, std::size_t q_size)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Bayesian_filter::Bayes_base
virtual ~Bayes_base ()=0

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Bayesian_filter::Bayes_base
typedef Bayesian_filter_matrix::Float Float
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Bayesian_filter::Bayes_base
static void error (const Numeric_exception &a)
static void error (const Logic_exception &a)
- Public Attributes inherited from Bayesian_filter::Linrz_predict_model
FM::Matrix Fx
- Public Attributes inherited from Bayesian_filter::Additive_predict_model
FM::Vec q
FM::Matrix G
Numerical_rcond rclimit

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Bayesian_filter::Simple_linrz_predict_model::Simple_linrz_predict_model ( State_function  f_init,
const FM::Matrix Fx_init,
const FM::Matrix G_init,
const FM::Vec q_init 

Member Function Documentation

virtual const FM::Vec& Bayesian_filter::Simple_linrz_predict_model::f ( const FM::Vec x) const

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